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Wave generator

The Wave Ball is “green” as it is a low consumption wave generator that looks like a polyester sphere, floating on water, which generates in a safe and controlled way, artificial waves of stationary type, very reassuring for young people.
Wave generator

Despite its round and simple appearance, the Wave Ball is a product of high level technology. Several sensors combined to a powerful software/hardware allow the ball to produce and increase the waves with a full control on the frequency and the amplitude. The product is convenient for easy maintenance, simple and fast installation in the new and existing pools. As such, number of visitors is increased and it's mainly used in aqua parks, public swimming pools, spas, camps, hotels and resorts and it represents the joy and excitement for young and old. Wave Ball is installed in more than 300 pools at over 40 countries worldwide. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here you can see thousands of images in just 6 minutes.