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It is recommended to the people who have problems with back muscles, spine, neck and joint pain, to rehabilitation of accident and people under stress. Serve as an excellent aid in removing excess weight and body fat.

Water filters and purifier system allows you to use the same water use over and over for a long period of time - even up to 1 year. Pools that we offer are not like a Jacuzzi tub which needs water after use to let it to the drain because it is not filtered.
Manage pool is simple, and the biggest advantage is that at any time, without waiting for filling swimming pools, water heating, etc.., You can get into a heated and filtered-clean water and start relaxing.
Easy to set up in the indoor or outdoor space because it is so constructed as to pass through the doors. Delivered in a multi-class, quality, color and size. Pages pool is not necessary pathing, because pools are delivered as a finished product that is only set to the desired location.

Impact on health:
• Alleviates symptoms of muscle tension, sprains, strains and many other injuries
• Improves blood circulation
• Relieves back pain
• Relieves arthritis symptoms
• Soothes, relieves stress, relaxes and thus may help with sleep problems
• Reduces chronic pain
• Reduces blood sugar levels (diabetes type 2)
• Helps to improve the mobility of the body
• Speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body
• Helps lowering high blood pressure

Warm water massage releases muscle tension, relieves pressure on surrounding nerves, joints and blood vessels, facilitating the mobility of the body which is important to relieve the arthritis symptoms and back pain. Power of the water jet also stimulates blood circulation and digestion, and improves skin tone.