Šuškovićeva 76, 10 040 Zagreb, Hrvatska

T: +385 1 2986 460 E: niveto@niveto.hr


We are specialized at pools by demand, what means that you are not limited by forms, final trim or any equipment existing in the market.

We are able to offer and do:

  • pools with skimmers or overflow channel
  • classic coated ceramics, mosaics or wrap
  • automatic filtration
  • automated dispensing chemicals classic, U.V. sterilization, ozonatori, electrolysis ..
  • heating of water through the heat exchanger, electrical heaters, heat pumps or solar

water attractions such as:

  • swimming against the current
  • waterfalls - over 20 different models
  • air geysers
  • water massage
  • sitting and lying water and air massage
  • covers for water and / il pool - summer, winter, automatic, polycarbonate dome
  • dehumidifying - dehumidifiers or air chambers

At any time we are ready to advise you on the best for your needs and desires and match all the parameters to get the best for the money.