Šuškovićeva 76, 10 040 Zagreb, Hrvatska

T: +385 1 2986 460 E: niveto@niveto.hr

About us

"niveto" company:

  • 1993. - established as a family company for service activities,
  • 1994. - opened a retail center in Zagreb with equipment for fountains and pools,
  • 1999. - corporate headquarters moved from Novi Zagreb to a new location at Šuškovićeva 76 where it stands today,
  • 2006. - office moved to a location Avenija Dubrava 167 - Zagreb, according to 2005 turnover increased 350%, 2 warehouses opened at Dubrava, Zagreb,
  • 2007. - established "niveto" company - Slovenia - Maribor, opened branch at Split, in the first 6 months have signed contracts in excess of a complete turnover in 2006.,
  • 2008. - the company introduced the ISO 9001,
  • 2014. - office moved to location at Dragutina Mandla 1, Zagreb.

Today "niveto" is one of the leading companies in the field of swimming pools, fountains, massage pools and aqua parks in Croatia, but also progresses strongly in the neighboring ex-Yu states.


1. Become and remain the strongest, most stable and most innovative company in the region, which at any moment can start and quality finish most demanding projects as soon as possible,

2. Expand its branches and daughter companies into all ex-Yugoslav states but cover all regions in Croatia as well,

3. Follow innovations and global trends in the field of swimming pool technology. ​

Mission - quality, expertise, innovation, service and price = "niveto"


1. High or the highest quality of goods and services at a competitive price,

2. Constant expansion of supply and choice of goods,

3. Opening daughter firms in neighboring countries and opening of branches in all parts of the Croatia in the order of profitability profits and market demands.

Long-term goals

1. Continuously improve and expand the existing knowledge and experience and thus provide our customers an even higher service level,

2. Opening new markets,

3. Opening presentation center as soon as possible.

If you want something new, innovative, more unique, better, easier, and more convenient, the best by the price-performance system, professional, but also family business approach, you've come to the right place.

Very truly yours Employees of the company "niveto" Ltd.